452  "The Copley"

Cast bronze. Verde antique finish. 6" square 3 1/4" deep.

DID it or DIDN'T it come with a sweep hand?  The clock's official publicity shot showed the clock with a screw stuck in that center.  My friend, Larry's "Copley" is the same way (unless he happened to buy that exact clock they used as a model.)  I've seen a couple with a sweep hand, too.  (Like the one in the Telechron book.) The one above has neither and it seems more likely the sweep hand broke and was pulled out than someone got curious and took the screw out.  Anyway, I think what probably happened is they Telechron girls put second hands on some and left them off others.  These early clocks are notorious for carrying each others hands and I think they probably just ran out alot.


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