This is easily one of the top four or five most mysterious clocks on telechron.net.  Not just the only model to have a ceramic case, there simply is no mention of it anywhere!  No name, no dates and certainly no sales figures.  The one above is mine so I've been inside it.  The movement is definitely by Telechron, the dial (painted steel) is unique to this model.  The paper label on the bottom is as real as you please.  My guess is it was made for GE but not sold by their small appliance dealers and so not mentioned in their literature.  (So if you don't want to add it to your to get list, I understand.)

The mallet the clown is holding is best-guess fabrication.  I've only ever seen one other example of a 7H186 and that clown's right hand was empty too.  I assume he had a mallet for the drum but whatever was originally in his hand is gone save for a bit of glue.  What he's holding now is a plastic, toy balloon (formerly a cake decoration) on a bamboo skewer.
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