2H59  The Wallwood

Just when I think there are no more surprises inside Telechrons, I buy one of these things (Five bucks!).  Now a Telechron rotor running upright not only runs silently but virtually friction-free; all the parts are protected by a film of oil.  The 2H59's  movement, including the rotor,  is rotated 90 degrees for NO REASON.  I'd like to meet the dope who approved this design.  Only a couple of minor changes and they could have had the movement right-side up.  The rotor counts on having its oil at the bottom of the case much like a car gets it oil from the pan.  The rotor was naturally at death's door by the time it came into my care.  It wasn't the only disappointment:  The clock's dial was is little more than tin foil and the crystal and numeral ring are plastic.  Boooooo!

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