7H241  The Snooz-Alarm

The new General Electric-Telechron Snooz-Alarm is the world's most humane alarm clock.  When the alarm sounds you just tap the control bar.  The Snooz-Alarm will be silent and lets you sleep--but only for a few minutes.  Then the alarm will sound again.  Want to sleep a few minutes more?  Tap the control bar again.  After several minutes the Snooz-Alarm is heard from again --automatically!

Snooz-Alarm is electric.  Like all General Electric-Telechron alarms, it will wake you for sure because it:

           1. sounds for 45 minutes unless shut off
                2. can't run down during the night
                3. never needs winding
                4. stays on time to the minute
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The second generation, 7HA241 had a luminous dial.


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