Telechron Buyers' Guide

There's lots of things that can be wrong with the Telechron or GE clock your're considering.  Some are easy to spot (like most damage) but some are quite tricky.  This guide should help you, not by showing you these specific problems but by opening your eyes to the kinds of things that could  be wrong with a clock.
Another stripped kitchen clock, this time in chrome.  The 2H10 should only have the raised trim unpainted.  Nice dial tho'...
This Chef's got a pair of king-sized replacement set knobs.  I guess it would be harder to lose these under the refrigerator (but I could do it.)
This mutilated Satellite showed up on Ebay so many times that even I bid on it until a wiser friend of mine clued me in. I just thought it was a variation!  Evidently each new buyer found out what they had and re-auctioned it.  I wonder who finally got stuck with this weirdo?
If you can't see anything wrong, always guess hands.  In this case you'd be right.  The Attendant's sweep hand is too small, that's your main clue.  Actually think all three hands come from the Supervisor.
Back to an easy one. Colonnade's were NOT sold painted white.

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