G.E. thermostat

Very, very cool.  The flag under the 12 wasn't a reset signal, it was an AM/PM indicator.  It allowed you to turn the heat on and off automatically.  If you noticed the dial pan and hands are from the Tudor, give yourself 10 points!  (This dates it for us nicely.)

                                           Honeywell Thermostat 
This photo was originally taken by Jim Linz for the Telechron book but never used.  We both liked the looks of it and I'm still trying to figure out how to get it working in my house somewhere.   This one, too had an AM/PM indicator and changed the temp. automatically.

NBC clock

Clock taken out of old NBC studio.  It's got Duke-style hands.  The panel the clock was in was tilted quite far forward.  Notice the angle of the motor vs. the movement to keep the rotor plum.  I'd love to have a closer look at this clock.

  elevator clock

I've seen a couple of these.  This one was taken out of an old building and sold on Ebay for some very serious scratch.  Now you know as much about it as I.

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