3F01  The Commonwealth

"A new and moderne, tho simple design appropriately styled for table, desk, radio or small mantel.  The case is of Mahogany with polished lacquer finish.  Note the chrome plated side ornaments.  A pleasing 3 1/2 inch, ivory lacquer finished dial with black characters on a grey numeral band.  Buffed Nicral bezel.  Like other Telechron models, "Commonwealth" is furnished with a six-foot brown artificial silk cord attached (bearing Underwriter's Laboratory Label)."

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 3F02 Puritan

Well, it took a little longer than I'd planned but it's finally ready.  Thanks to Ron for reminding me to put it on the page.  Here's what this poor fella looked like when I rescued it from the flea market (and a hurricane as I recall)  I can't remember what I paid.
yes, the front was painted metallic green too...
See the oversized hole for the set knob?  Some chisel-head mutilated the opening to get the knob through the case rear.  REMEMBER, most of these knobs are reverse-threaded!  I plugged the hole but it will never be right again.  Here's what I have to show for my work:
here's the Commonwealth during his reign as Clock of the Week at work
That mahogany's beautiful.  Anybody got a dogtag for a 3F01 they want to trade?

AnotherCommonwealth I refinished.  I stole the dial from a Squarart.  I finally got that "Spanish highlighting" down to an art on this one.