7F53  The Telebell

If you favor practical gifts, here is one of charm and  distinction.  "Telebell" has an attractive Butler finish metal case, set in polished moulded plastic base.  Choice of GOLD COLOR case with black or ivory base (Model 7F53-B) --or CHROME FINISH case with green, black or red base (Model 7F53-A).  3 1/2 inch ivory dial enamel finish dial.  Alarm setting hand and circle to adjust its clear toned bell.  (I have no idea what that last means.)

back to the Golden Age of Telechronto the 7F54 Deb Alarm

Here's a very rare green one 
although I'm fairly sure those 
are G-E hands. 
photo courtesy Jack S.
The thing about this clock they don't tell you above is that it's got a top shutoff, the first Telechron or GE so equipped.  That cute little button on top screws right into that unique assembly I circled in blue.  It's way simpler than I thought was going to be.  I guess that's why I'm not a mechanical engineer.