2H13  The Patron

A Telechron Kitchen Clock at a new low price!

Metal case is lacquered in Ivory, Green, Red or White colors.  The 4 1/2" metal DIAL has a white center, light ivory numeral band and black characters.  The BEZEL will have a sprayed lacquer finish and the HANDS are blue lacquered metal.   $2.95

Production of this model was suspended
                due to the War but resumed afterward.
It's Father
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Here's a nice blue
 There's THREE interesting things in the picture above of a 1942 Patron.  First, you've got a new color; blue.  Second, you've got the bezel painted the same color as the case.  Lastly, you have the re-introduction of a braided rayon power cord. (G.E. insisted on rubber cords years earlier but Telechron was using them by 1940.)  Beauty!

It probably seemed like this to the thousands of factories put to work in the defense business.