The Warden
7H107  The Warden & Supervisor

My Warden is up above and just shy of perfect is he.  The bakelite on this one is just an awesome, swirly red-brown.  On the back, you can see the light switch.  It wasn't much of a switch (wait 'til you open up your first one and see for yourself) but does the job.  This one served as my alarm clock for a couple of days after I fixed it but the light's not as nice as on my Telalarm.   The Supervisor (below) hadn't any light and had a steel dial as seen on the Snug .
Production of this model was suspended due to the War and never resumed.
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SUPERVISOR is an attractive alarm designed in plastic.  In an ivory-color case as shown, it sells for $3.95.  In a brown case, it is $3.50. A practical gift for the most discriminating.