This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  325  "The Copley"

That's mine with the G.E. dial above.  I picked it up in Summer, 2001 at the flea market with Leah.  She was skeptical the clock was worth $20 because the wood had turned green and there was an abandoned wasp's nest inside.  The bezel had tarnished almost to black and it was looking pretty unlovable.  Once I stripped it down and saw the mahogany case was still in perfect shape, I knew I'd made a good purchase.

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No more winding, no more finding
whither it will go;
No more setting, no more fretting
If it's fast or slow.
No more hurry, no more flurry
Early in the morn;
No more fussing, no more cussing
With a Telechron

G.K.    (1929)