334  "The Jeffrey"

CASE, Mahogany; FINISH, Spanish High-lighted; 3 1/2 in.  Gold Finished Dial.  Height 5 13/16"; Width 10 7/16; Depth 2 7/8"   $18.00
back to the Dawn of Decoto the 335 Englewood
  Yet another model you can find with an alternate, gold dial and different hands.

Walking through Inspection
You will notice sitting there
Two girls working -- with no time to spare.
What is it they do -- well here you see,
Testing little gears for the Company.

It is interesting and quite true
The amount of work these girls can do;
From 7:20 until 5:00 at night
They keep working with all their might.

The gears are tested for wobbles and hops
Each size rejects kept in a separate box.
The good gears are passed and sent to be
Put into motors B and C.

This little story is quite true
So people, it is up to you
To be good sports and laugh at we --
Signing off--Ellen and Tootie

--Florence Hughes 1930

(From the Synchronuze.  Florence must have been "Tootie".  7:20 to 5:00 --that's a long day.)