This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  357  "The Apollo" or "Beau"

The "Apollo" is unique in the clock field.  The design is strictly modern and American in feeling.  It has lost the sharp, bizarre lines of the French and German interpretations of modern art and has attained a simplicity which will appeal to the most refined tastes and will adapt itself to most any room in a house.  The ornament on top, the feet and bezel are chromium plated.  The case is beetle, a synthetic plastic material which has proven to be one of the finest clock case materials yet developed.  At present the "Apollo" is done in glossy black.

It is non-inflammable and may be washed.  It will not fade but will retain its color indefinitely.  It is an exceptional value at $15.00.

A killer deco shape with the most unusual hands to mark time on ANY Telechron.  Apollo's dial would return on the 3F53 Daphne with one teeny exception:  The 0 on the number 10 was redesigned for the Daphne.  Naturally, this here 0 would have been out of place on any other model.

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