453  The "Constance" (above) & 453-A "Denmore"

The clock for the business end of the home--the kitchen.  Case, moulded, duco finish--white ivory, pastel green or French gray.

"Duco" was a DuPont trade name for auto paint.  If you ask me, Telechron could have put it to better use.  I like the natural bakelite on "Denmore" (below) much better.  Both had the weird reset signal you were supposed to set through the window in the front.  Most of these little levers broke off which is fine by me.  Works better without it.  So many of these clocks are found without their sweep hands that there's debate about whether some left the factory that way.  Could be but we'll never know for sure.
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After vacation
full of pep,
Enter your home
With firmer step.
Look!  on the wall
It's going yet

Your Telechron!

Telechron ad, 1930

1930 ad showing "Constance" at work in the kitchen.