This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  454  "The Hostess"

CASE, Beetle Moulded White, Green, Ivory, Orange, Blue, Yellow and Black.  5 in. Ivory Enamel Dial
Height 7 1/2"  Width 7 1/2"  Depth 3 3/32" $9.75

Initially, only the green ones had ivory dials; the rest were white.  Became the G.E. "New Hostess" (with a new F or H rotor movement and thinner profile) and sold for many years that way but as a Telechron, they're fairly uncommon.  These have beetle cases with a chromed bezel.

back to the Dawn of Decoto the 457
My ivory 454 above has the later dial.  A $5 flea market find I got late last Century.

   Jimmy Watches the Clock
Not such a good idea in the office maybe but take it from "Smiling" Jimmy Henigan, a mighty good idea for the marathon runner who doesn't want to be left at the post.  A clock in his kitchen that was nearly forty minutes slow nearly cost Jimmy the laurel wreath and diamond-studded medal he carried off as a winner of the Classic American Marathon on Patriot's Day in Boston.  Jimmy had to begin running before the marathon started to get to the starting point on time.  Now he has in his kitchen a new clock with an electric Telechron movement that can't go a second off without showing a red warning signal.  Jimmy doesn't believe in taking chances when diamond-studded medals are at stake.

(Yes, the story is true and it really was a 454.  It wasn't long ago that the winner of the Boston Marathon got no cash prize tho' I wonder how big those diamonds were....)