This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  AB-458 and 458

Kitchen clock model AB-458 has a round, die cast Dura-metal case, finished in enamel lacquer, and having a detachable hanger.  This model is obtainable in four colors -- medium green, ivory, white and medium blue.  The 4 1/2-in. dial is finished in a cream enamel and has Arabic numerals.  The dimensions of this model are: diameter, 7 9/16 in., depth  3 3/16 in.  A 6-ft.  cord is attached.  List price complete, $5.50.

A strange bird most notable for being sold first by G.E. (AB-458, introduced along with the AB-330 in 1932) then by Telechron.  There should be almost four times as many G-E dials as Telechrons out there.  This clock became the 2B02.

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