Alternate Dial
This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  557  "The Lynnwood"

Very pretty.  This model was probably named after Lynn, Mass.  If you're from Massachusetts and someone mentions Lynn, you're obligated to say: "Lynn, Lynn the city of sin.*"  Neither of you will think it's very funny--it just establishes you as a Bay Stater.

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Sorry about that little digression from clocks.  Here, read this poem...

A Timely Blessing

I used to go to bed at night
And then get up again
To tumble round in sleepy plight
And wind our ancient Ben.

But now, when downy bed I've sought
I rest and sleep till dawn,
'Cause wifey went to town and bought
A "Warren Telechron".
                            By -- Gladys Knowlton
                                            (ca. 1929)


Slightly shabby G.E. Lynnwood residing at O'Connor's Restaurant in Boylston, MA. 


*....some will continue: "You never go out the way you went in."
...and fewer: "You ask for water, they give you gin."