(All 3 photos above courtesy J. Rosenberg.  Note the wooden trim on the example to the right.)

This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  700  "The Electrolarm"

Available in walnut, white or green "vinylite".  I'll give $200* to the first person who can point me to the design patent that says Paul Frankl designed this clock.  I don't believe he did no matter who said what in any book.  Jim Linz practically went blind looking at microfilm in the patent office AND NEVER FOUND THE DESIGN PATENT.  I personally believe that this was designed by the Telechron model dept. and never patented.  It WAS famous for one very important thing.  It was the first Telechron alarm clock and may have been the first self-starting electric alarm clock ever!

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(closeup of alternate dial on my 700 above)

(photo courtesy C.R. Odgers)

Impossibly rare, mottled green version of the 700.  Very nice!

Addendum:  Geez, this Paul Frankl thing just will not go away.  Here're two pages (29 & 30) from a circa 1930 Telechron brochure.  The 431 is featured on page 29 and the 700 on page 30.  See how Telechron brags about Paul Frankl designing the Modernique???  Does anyone really think they would pass up the chance to mention he designed the clock on the very next page?

NOTE:  These pics aren't opposing pages in the brochure.  I just pasted them together so they'd be easier to deal with.

*Reward still unclaimed since April, 2000...