711  The Telalarm

ILLUMINATED DIAL ALARM CLOCK!  Illumination adjustable!  "Dura-silver-alloy" case, non-tarnishing finish.  Moulded black base.  Height 5", width 4 1/4", depth 3".  The friendly glow of its illuminated dial,—the dependability of its pleasant alarm: its uncanny accuracy,—make this clock outstanding in value.  A design that "fits" anywhere! $9.95  This same design, in a choice of enamel-lacquer colored cases (Green, Ivory, Orchid or Blue) at $8.95

Notice the differences in the hands between the ones above.  My personal favorite clock and permanent bedside alarm.  This was Telechron's second big hit after the Cathedral.  I've fixed many a Telalarm and they do have a lot of faults but I've come to love them.

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Here's a 711 I fixed for somebody;  I forget who.  You can see the sweep hand stuck into the end of the B rotor so I could tell from across the room if it quit on me.  The drive wheel should be gently removed from the rear plate and cleaned (it was).  The most common cause of alarm failure (not including poor clocksmithing) is having the small teat on the hour wheel (front left in the pic) break off.  You can make an effective repair just braizing a tiny piece of brass stock in its stead.