716  The Alarm-Lite    ( Here's mine.  Photographer:  Mike Girard)

I got this one for a friend who'd been looking for an AB-712 after seeing mine.  Turns out the difference between this and the AB-712 wasn't just the beige face.  It also has no light!  Fred didn't want it but I got him a 711 later.  Just to blow my own horn:  When I got it, it ran but was filthy and had a weird vibration.  The alarm didn't work either.  In one night I had the face cleaned, base polished, movement oiled, rotor bathed, and the strange vibration was from the last knucklehead who reinstalled "the vibrator" upside down.  All fixed in one night.  A new repro silk cord is the finishing touch, making it a real honey. (Yeah.  I know.  The cord grommet's missing.  I've since added one.)

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