727  "The Alden" & 728 "The Gothic" or "Electric-Alarm"

"Gothic" was sold either as the 728 or AB-728 and was the alarm v. of the 328.  It differed only slightly from the 727 in the front inlay.  The 727 (also known as the "Bellwood") was the alarm version of the 327.  Both of these clocks have essentially the same movement as the 711 & 712,  the difference being the sliding shutoff for the alarm.

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 My "Alden".  Yes, it was completely stripped down and refinished with lacquer.  No, I didn't use any stain at all.  How could you cover up that Honduras mahogany?  The refinishing was totally necessary; it was a wreck with the remains of the original finish having turned a weird green-brown color.  Cord is new-old stock brown rayon which I hoard like a greedy, old miser.


Original cord tag from a 727.  I don't know to what the "X" in the model number refers.