727  "The Alden" or "Bellwood"

CASE SIMILAR TO NO. 327.   3" IVORY ENAMEL DIAL AND ALARM MOVEMENT WITH ALARM HAND  (First delivery approximately June 1, 1931)

No beautiful black and white dealer shot of the Alden?  No, Telechron would just show a picture of Salisbury and say "This but with an alarm."  Even the illustration above shows the 327 but I'm always on the hunt for better pictures.

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Alden repair tip (this goes for several of Alden's sister models):  Telechron doesn't give you much bezel material to bend over the crystal, font plate and dial.  And if you think you have plenty, it's because you're short on the other side (D'oh!).  If you ever manage to get it on, don't undo your work by over-tightening the three inside case nuts.  One extra twist on those nuts and the bezel will be rattling around on the front of your clock forever.  Just tighten those things until the movement isn't loose anymore and STOP!

Original cord tag from a 727.  I don't know to what the "X" in the model number refers.