This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  912  "Square Wood Case"

Telechron Commercial clocks need only be plugged into a regulated A.C. electric outlet in your business establishment and you are assured of accurate, dependable TIME, today and every day.  Operating cost, only a few cents a month.  Why not render a service that will be thoroughly appreciated by your patrons?  Install one or more Telechron Self-Starting Electric Commercial clocks in your office, store (window and interior), --or whichever type of business establishment you maintain.

15 1/2-inch case.  12-inch dial.  Oak or Mahogany Case.  Sold with or without auxiliary movement.  In 1932, the model numbers diverge; 9F112 is used for F rotor clocks (naturally, there would be a completely new movement to use this rotor) and 9A112 for those built with auxiliary motors.

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