2H29  The Pageant                      (photographer:  Jim Linz)

High, wide and handsome!  Highlights any kitchen.  Color-styled in flame red, sunshine yellow, mint green and azure blue.  Dial is framed in silver color.  Large wide-angle vision crystal for easy reading.   Chocolate-colored hands and minute dots provide pleasing contrast for red sweep second hand, hour dots and current interruption indicator.  Modestly priced.

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The clock above was mine but has since since gone to a better place.  If you have clocks hanging on pegboard in your basement, stop what you're doing and go check to make sure each is securely fastened to the wall!  Else, they could come crashing to the concrete during some over-enthusiastic housecleaning.  Take a look at the Pageant ad below.  (The original Pageant  was the 3F67.)

 Repro Pageant you can get for about what you'd spend on a real 2H29.  (or about four times that at Nordstrom)