This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  2H38  The Helper

A brilliant new kitchen clock designed to add a note of cheer to modern kitchens.  Handsome plastic case of red, white, or yellow.  Large, easy-to-read numerals contrast with white dial.  Red hour dots and sweep-second hand.  Snap-fit shatterproof crystal.  Height 5 1/4",  Width 6 3/4",  Depth 2 1/4"   $5.95

Also in pink.  For some reason, Telechron took up selling Helper in 1955.
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Telechron Will Become G. E. Department With F. A. Fisher as General Manager 
Telechron Inc., Ashland, Mass., a manufacturing affiliate of General Electric Co., will become a department of the parent company on June 30. The announcement was made by the president of Telechron Inc., A. F. Fisher. The Telechron department will be part of the appliance and electronics group, one of General Electric's three main operating groups. Beginning July 1, 1951, Telechron Inc., will be known as Telechron Department,    General Electric Co., Ashland, Mass. Mr. Fisher will become general manager of the Telechron Department. No other changes will affect the manufacturing, engineering and sales organization, or the company's operations as manufacturers of standard household and commercial clocks, advertising clocks, radio timers, range timers, industrial timing devices and synchronous timing motors, all bearing the Telechron trademark.