4H167  The Wickford

Brown wood CASE has antique finish top ornament and light wood inlays.  4 1/2" metal DIAL has white background with black Roman numerals.  Metal BEZEL is finished in gold color and the HANDS are lacquered deep blue.  The MOVEMENT contains the standard, self-starting synchronous Telechron motor, with all the patented features that insure quiet, long life.  Telechron Clocks are approved by the Underwriters' Laboratories under the re-examination service.
CORD-6 ft. attached.  HEIGHT 9 3/16" WIDTH 7 3/4" DEPTH 4 5/8"


The liquidation model of the 6B15 sold without the strike movement.

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   ...Electropunches, made by Black & Webster, Inc, Newton, Mass, brought about substantial economies in the assembly of Telechron electric clock cases. The original method entailed placing the front plate in a nest and assembling the gear train and motor on the plate. The back plate was then screwed on by positioning three screws and fastening them with a power screwdriver.

   Now, the back plate is positioned and the nest slid under the Electropunch. Once in position, the work automatically trips the punch and staking occurs almost instantaneously. The time saving in fastening alone amounts to 600%, because it previously took 9 sec to pick up, position, and fasten the three screws. It now takes only 1.5 sec to slide the back plate as-sembly under the punch and stake it... 

-- From the American Machinist 1953
I'm trying to picture this in my head.  Are they saying the started assembly from the front plate?  They would have had to flip it upside-down at the end.  9 seconds to fasten the 3 screws???   No wonder you can sometimes see the evidence of the power screwdrivers where they skipped off and left a swirly scar.  I'm trying not to picture the horrible injuries the staking machine caused workers trying to make 1.5 seconds.