4H173 The Woodmont

This clock will add dignity and beauty to the early American room.  Mahogany finished case with light wood inlay.  Gold color ornaments.
HEIGHT 13"  WIDTH 7 3/8"  DEPTH 2 3/4,"  DIAL 4 1/2"

I guess Telechron came full circle with the 4 series.  It began and ended with colonial clocks.  I refinished the one above.  Click here to see it at its worst.
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Original black and white dealer shot was scrunched making the clock look wider than what they were selling.  I stretched it out for the image at top so it's more accurate.  Original finish was a toner that covered up the mahogany.  When I refinished mine (top), I used clear lacquer to show off the beautiful mahogany. See?  You can improve on originals!