Available only as a General Electric model  7H04  The Repeater

Automatic Alarm Resets Itself!  Sensational, automatic alarm clock puts a stop to absent mindedness.  Alarm signal resets itself.  Also has convenient shut-off lever for week-end late sleepers.  It's another General Electric first!

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New Alarm Clock Set Itself
People who have been coasting on that old alibi for morning tardiness—"I forgot to set the alarm"—have been given a sharp jolt by the General Electric Company. A new automatic alarm clock which has to be set only once, and thereafter wakes its owner at the same time every morning, is announced by the company. The clock, called the Repeater, automatically resets itself, after the alarm is silenced, to sound off every 24 hours —including weekends—unless the owner remembers to shut off the alarm system completely.  This brings up an interesting problem. Many psychiatrists claim that you forget to do only those things your subconscious doesn't want you to do. In other words, you really don't want to get up and go to work so you "forget" to set the alarm at night. Will the same people who used to forget to fix the clock on weekday nights get full cooperation from their subconscious when it comes to remembering to turn off the automatic alarm on weekends? Or will their subconscious trick them into forgetting to buy the new clock? 
Science Digest 1950