7H07  The Everset

Alarm clock goes off automatically every morning without your having to reset it.  Once you have it set to wake you at the right time each morning, you turn it off when it rings, and the lever automatically switches into position to ring again the next morning.  Or can be reset for a different hour.  Everset electric 24-hour automatic alarm clock, $8.95, plus tax, in stores. Telechron Inc., Homer Ave., Ashland, Mass.   --from Better Homes and Gardens Feb., 1951

The first "set and forget" alarm.  The shutoff switch would reset itself to the ON position 12 hours after you got up.   Oh, what fun for the first few Saturdays you owned it!  (There was another switch position to disable it for real.)  The other interesting thing about this clock was the low model number.  Somebody at G.E. realized they'd mysteriously skipped lots of numbers in the 30's and decided to use them.  That went on just long enough to confuse everybody, then they picked up numbering where they left off.

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Telechron Trivia -- The Everset was discontinued on 30 May 1953, the very day after Sir Edmund Hilary climbed Mount Everset in Nepal...as is my recollection.