Photo courtesy Larry

7H169 and 7HC169L The Guest

Exciting beauty incredible accuracy!  Lovely new "Guest" alarm is like all Telechron electric clocks. Its Synchro-Sealed Motor, with oil supply sealed against dirt, is synchronized perfectly with local electric power plant master clocks (almost all Telechron made)... so that this silent, smooth-running Telechron clock literally can't run wrong!  And Telechron electric clocks need no winding, no regulating.  Each carries a full-year written warranty.  Many in service 20 years.  Telechron Inc., Ashland, Mass.  A General Electric Affiliate.

I don't know what happened to the 7HA169 and the 7HB169.  It's hard to find one of these Guests in any version or condition owing to their flimsy case.  A far cry from the original Guest.

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