7H179  The Tribute

Exciting - beautiful clock with modern sun tint dial - buffed brass cylindrical base -full vision crystal - rhythmic bell alarm. HEIGHT 5 1/8", WIDTH 6",  DEPTH 3 1/16",  DIAL 4 1/16" x  5 1/2", CORD 6'

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7H179 Repair Tip

It seems like the plastic crystal on the Tribute will just pop off the front while it's still in the case (like later clocks).  It will NOT.  Remove the rear screws and take it out of the case first.  If it feels like these little tabs are brittle and a little long and ready to break, they are.  If you think yours need to be filed down a 1/16" or 1/32" to get the crystal back on safely, you're probably right.  If you break one off, model glue (the solvent kind, not the gooey kind) will make a very strong repair on this kind of plastic.