7H185  The Tiara

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Telechron Stuff:  As the years passed, bell alarms became more and more rare.  Buzzer alarms were cheaper to make, easier to assemble and simpler to fix.  Besides, do you really care if it's a bell sound or a buzzer sound that scares the sheets off of you in the morning?  Telling bell alarm models from buzzer alarms is a cinch.  Just look for the alarm switch; if it's on the right, it's a bell alarm, on the left and it's a buzzer alarm.
The case rear on the left is for the GE 7H116K (see the slot for the light switch at the bottom?).  The case rear on the right has exactly the same shape but is for the GE 7H154.  The arrows show the holes for the alarm switch. Switch on the left: buzzer. Switch on the right: bell. Easy!