Available only as a General Electric model  The 7H194L  Nudger

This alarm features a large dial with luminous hands and hour dots.  Modern ivory-plastic case.  White numerals and hands contrast with chocolate-brown background of large dial.  $6.95

Available only as a General Electric model  The 7HA194 Morning Star

No ticktock ... quiet as a light, too!  When you set the alarm on this attractive, new G-E Cock, a small signal light turns on automatically ... and glows all night long.  So, if you wonder about it after you've gone to bed, that reassuring light says: "Stop worrying—the alarm is set!"  It's a handsome clock, too—bands and hour dots are luminous, the trim plastic case and dial are ivory-colored, and the sweep-second hand is gold-colored.  $7.95

It must have been clear to everyone that the Nudger had nothing going for it.  It followed that this the was one they'd convert to a new model.  The 7HA194 with the alarm signal light is the companion to the Aladdin .

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