Photographer: Jim Linz,  Clock: Mine

7H197 The Illuminette

New Illuminated alarm.  Easy to read at night.  Knob to regulate dial light from low to high.

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Illumitime (left) Brite Dial (right)

Telechron Tidbit --Companion Clocks
Companion clocks were G.E. and Telechron clocks introduced at the same time, usually with the same features.  For example, the 2H17 Minutemaster and the G.E. 2H18 Chef  both were kitchen timers.  The 7H07 Everset and the G.E. 7H04 Repeaterwere both pioneers for the automatic alarm.   These two above both featured an illuminated dial with a dimmer on the front.  The Illuminette wasn't as popular as it's fraternal twin, Brite Dial and was discontinued after a short time.  By the late 50's, when G.E. was ready to retire the 7H216, Telechron decided to sell it.  It was one of the few times, either company sold both members of a companion set.