Available only as a General Electric model  7H198K  The Lumalarm

Pleasant glow all night long!  The electric alarm clock with the illuminated edge-lit dial!  This G-E Lumalarm casts a soft, pleasant glow all night long, chases gloom.  Its gentle alarm wakes you pleasantly.  Note the beautiful ivory-plastic case and its smart modern design.  G-E Clocks are so inexpensive you'll want one for every room.  Wonderful gift idea too!  Remember, too, these wonderful advantages: 1. No winding.  2. Quiet.  3. Dependable.  4. Accurate.
Width 4 3/8", Height 5", Depth 2 3/8$7.95

That's my Lumalarm  above.  Possibly my favorite clock from this whole era.  This one takes an NE-2H small, neon lamp (120v, 1.9mA) and a heavy resistor.
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night-time view