7H199  The Minstrel

Has attractive ivory color plastic case with winged back that adds beauty and conceals controls.  Sure waking alarm.
HEIGHT 3 1/2" WIDTH 4 3/8 " DEPTH 3 3/8" DIAL 3 3/4"

The original Minstrel  was rolling over in its grave when they named this little squirt but he had a rough life.  Another model they left out of ads and catalogs.  Introduced in time to miss the '51-'52 catalog and left out of the '52 -'53 catalog.  Telechron declared "stock exhausted" in August of '53 so they decided to put in in the '53 -'54 catalog.

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--From Popular Science 1951

...of course if Arthur were really smart, he would have bought a new rotor for that clock.