This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  7H216K & 7HA216K Brite Dial

Answers the need for both bedroom and television roomócan be read in the dark.  A dependable alarm clock and handy night light.  Adjustable rheostat control knob regulates intensity of light to any degree from bright to "off".  Beautifully designed in black plastic case, the G-E Brite-Dial Alarm Clock will lend charm and distinction to any room decoration. $9.98

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From Modern Packaging 1954
2nd generation 7HA216K Brite Dial has a regular, illuminated dial which backlit from the rear of the old dial.   It also features more little dots in the front case.  Why?  Good question...
Development of General Electric and Telechron new illuminated alarm clock was completed during the past year.  Design requirements were satisfied with the use of a transparent polystyrene dial illuminated through the edge by a miniature tungsten-filament lamp. Based on the refraction-of-light principle, this method evenly illuminates the plastics dial which in turn silhouettes numerals and clock hands for maximum contrast. Brightness of the dial can be varied from a level high enough for night-light use to any lesser value. 

From General Electric Review 1954