Photos courtesy Telechrony                                                                                              

Available only as a General Electric model  7H218 & 7HA218  The Beckoner

An attractive alarm with ivory plastic case.  Smart, green dial with ivory-color numerals and hands.  Red sweep second and alarm-set hands.  Shatterproof crystal.
Height, 3-3/4 inches; width, 4 3/16 inches; depth, 2 3/4 inches.

The pic above is from the 1952-'53 catalog.  It was in the price list but left out of the next catalog.  What good's a catalog if you aren't going to show all your models?  According to the 1954 parts catalog though, the Beckoner lived long enough to get the new "anti-clack" movement and become the 7HA218 (also the sweep hand went from highfalutin "vermilion" to tasteful "red").

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And should I ever happen to find one of those anti-clack movements, a dial, crystal and hands, I'll be in business.