7H220  The Starter

Exquisitely designed with a woman in mind the Starter alarm has a smart ivory-colored, dyna-line case, (the ivory ones) easy-to-read brown numerals.

This was about as cheap as you could go on an alarm clock. Plastic crystal, foil dial, and the case was as small as they could make it. Naturally, it was very popular and sold into the 1960s.
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The clock above (right), the 7HB220 (2nd revision of the 7H220) comes courtesy of Kid Clock and actually included an improvement.  According to Kid,  "It featured two extra parts, the Flipper and the Flipper Pin... designed to eliminate the dreaded 6pm "clack"".  AND according to Mr Clock, it works too.  Just think if Telechron had included it on a good clock.