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601  "Gothic Mantel Telechron" or "Normandy"

A stately Telechron with a case of mahogany, inlaid.  11 3/8 inches high, 8 1/2 inches deep.  The etched silver dial is 6 inches in diameter.
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Unlike ordinary clocks, the "Telechron" electric clock, made by the Warren Clock Company, Ashland, Mass., has no regulating mechanism within the clock itself, but the regulating mechanism is at the central power station, where a master clock controlling the frequency of the current regulates all of the "Warren" clocks on the system.  The works of the clock consist principally of a tiny self-starting synchronous motor placed in the back of the clock and supplied with alternating current.  The hands of the clock are driven through gear connections directly from the motor.  To guard against possible interruption in the supply of current, an auxiliary movement is provided, which automatically starts running and carries the clock along over the period in which the current is cut off.  Furnished in cases of various sizes and styles, the clocks may be had with dials as small as 2 1/2 in. in diameter up to 24 in. 

From Electrical Merchandising  Nov. 1920