Available only as a General Electric model   2D70 The Show Piece

Dramatically styled in quiet elegance (is that possible?).  Handsome plaque design will grace any wall.   Choose either walnut or fruit finish.  White dial, black hands and numerals.  A modern timepiece powered by precision battery operated movement.  Show Piece goes wherever you want.   Cordfree, carefree, no winding.   One standard, "D" battery does the job.

Thirty 1950's dollars for a battery clock!  These clocks are absolute phantoms on the collecting scene.  I've not seen hide nor hair of one.  I guess it's pretty clear the electric motors were a sight better than the battery ones.  In fact, I believe a Telechron synchronous clock, is the longest-lived household appliance ever.  (Yes, I'm sure there are some Toastmasters out there that will be toasting bread well into the 21st Century but you only make toast for three minutes a day.)   How many years would any other machine of any type last running 24-hours a day?

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