2H101  The Diameter

This beautiful wall clock is a decorator's delight.  Available in copper, brass or chrome color circular brushed finished metal cases -- specially treated to stay bright and shining.  Three dimensional numerals encircle handsome white dial.  DIAMETER 9 3/4",  DEPTH  2 1/4",  DIAL 4"

My mother snagged one of these for me at a church sale (like the middle one) for $2!  I tell you, nothing beats family.  There were also brass and black variations but I think they were all the same spun aluminum.  The copper and brass ones were just sprayed with tinted lacquer.  The black ones (which look like mistakes to me) replaced silver by 1957, had white numerals and were painted.
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Saucer invasion!


You'll see something unusual when you fix your first 2H101 -- a mistake.  (I reckon) somebody messed up the hole in the case for the set shaft.   To fix it, they came up with this slick little swivel joint.  Tiny holes are drilled in ends of the TWO set shafts and a hard, steel ring links them together.