2H104 and 2H104-C  The Kitchenmate

Gleaming colors a wall clock with decorator features floating numerals give smart 3-D effect against subtle waffle background.  Chrome color numerals and dial on white case with red sweep second and black minute and hour hands.  Copper color numerals and dial on turquoise with turquoise sweep second and white minute and hour hands.  Diameter 6 3/8", Depth 2 3/4"

Also in pink, red, turquoise and yellow.  I never thought I'd own one of these until I saw one in turquoise and copper.  That's the one configuration of Kitchenmate that doesn't make me want to jump up and down on it.  I got the one above for $5 and after a little polishing, I can honestly say it looks pretty good.  Not that I'd hang it in MY kitchen.  The clocks by this time were just junky and this one was as bad as any--riveted movement, in-line, rear set knob, no reset signal and all the gears as thin as a playing card.

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