only offered as a G-E model   2H117  The Decorator

Here's a brand new way to put your kitchen clock sales on the sunny side.  It's General Electric's new Decorator model a wall clock destined to bring the decorator look into the kitchen.  It's fashioned in the sunburst manner for style appeal, made in a practical way for kitchen duty, and priced at a low $5.98* for volume selling.  The Decorator will be a "hot number" on other counts, too. It's color-styled for everyone: red and white, yellow and white, and aqua and white.  Size? It's 6 1/2" across, fits in any nook or cranny.  The all-new Decorator is just one more example that you get more to sell in a General Electric dock.  Order plenty of these Model 2H117 clocks now!

Officially, this model had a 1960 release date but there were a handful of samples produced in 1959 (honest!).  Besides, this model's pretty nice and I don't think it deserves to lumped in the 60's clocks.
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Evidently, Decorator was offered with copper paint at some point.

*MSRP plus tax --yeah, the copy above was for your dealer, not you!  From Hardware Age, 1960.