2H45 & 2H25C  The Swirl

NEW!  High style for a low, low cost.  Decorator colors--red, blue, yellow and gray. ("Look!--just like the decorators use.  I think it's called 'red'...")  Cut out numerals create three-dimensional effect.  Has device for storing excess cord in back of the clock.  Diameter 6 1/2"  Depth 3 1/2"

I was originally going to split hairs and stick the 2H45 in "The Boom Years" but I couldn't do it.  The 2H45 was announced on 12-28-53 which meant that about 20 people in the world knew about it then.  Nobody you ever knew owned one before 1954.
Top center is the 2H45-C with the ersatz chrome trim.  Looked nice until it began to wear off.

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2H45 w/ Telechron dial on left, 2H45C with GE/Telechron dial, right