right photo courtesy Larry 

2H48  The Ceramic

New, exclusive ceramic clock designed for General Electric by Russel Wright, famous industrial designer.  Featuring soft lines and soft colors, this brilliant clock can grace any room.  Four decorator colors: golden spice, meadow green, coral sand, or charcoal.  Dial, raised numerals, and case molded as one unit.  Height and width, 7 3/4 inches; depth, 2 3/4 inches.

Designed and signed by Russell Wright himself.  Not his best work by a longshot but a very popular model.  I believe THIS was the kind of clock Telechron was trying for with the Designer Line Series.  Unfortunately, none of them were met as warmly by the public as the Ceramic.  Its very reasonable $9 price didn't hurt either.  Incedentally, this was the ONLY G.E. or Telechron clock designed by Mr. Wright.  I heard it from more than one Telechron employee that many of these cases were spirited home from the factory to become ashtrays.

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    --From the Monroe (LA) Morning World 2 October 1955