7H223  The Room-mate

An electric boudoir clock with pleasing alarm.  Luminous hands and hour dots and red sweep second hand.  Raised full-vision crystal.  Attractive Dynaline case in ivory color.  Midnight blue dial. (1958)
HEIGHT 3 1/4", WIDTH 3 3/8", DEPTH 2 3/4"

Blah, blah, ivory, blah, blah, luminous, blah, blah, lighted dial, blah, blah, pink..  One billion sold and I can't even find a photo of one worth keeping.  When no price was too low, this was the alarm you came home with.

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Photo courtesy Telechrony

Telechrony bails me out again with the pics of his 7HB223 so that would be a 2nd revision of the Room-mate.