7H233  The Circlewood

Classic alarm clock in light or dark Mahogany case.  Designed for either home or office use.
Height 4 1/8", Width 5", Depth 2 3/4"
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Telechron Tidbit: Spreader Posts  Those little doodads that hold the rotor in place are called spreader posts.  They came in a variety of styles over the years.  Have a look--

From left to right:  not a case grommet (but made in the same machine), an early post from when H rotors had wings, a wooden one (yes, these are for real and I think they used from ca. late1939 to ca. later 1939), a B rotor post (from later B rotor clocks like the Olympic or Harwich), a common brass post from the 40's, a very common late 40's to early 50's aluminum post, a mid 1950's plastic version and finally an S rotor spreader post from about 1959 on...