This model was sold by both General Electric and Telechron.  7H250 and 7HA250  The Royal Snooz Alarm

ROYAL SNOOZ-ALARM 7H250-L $9.98  Modern design with the snooze feature that gives you that extra "40 winks". It wakes you, lets you snooze, then wakes you again.  Beige (also, Pink and Sea Mist) case and charcoal dial.  Wide vision crystal and fully luminous hands and numerals.  Height 3 3/4", Width 6 1/8", Depth 2 3/8"

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Adglow Display

Royal Snooz-Alarm clock, the new General Electric-Telechron alarm clock, wakes you, lets you snooze, then wakes you again.  Just a tap of the snooze control bar on the top of this handsome model lets you get those extra 40 winks. One of the key elements in an all-out exploitation to alert the Snooz-Alarm clock market is the introduction of an Adglow process Magic Snooz display, created in co-operation with Einson-Freeman Co.  In the illustration a lovely sleeper is shown with her eyes closed and then, a moment later, her eyes are opened as if by the gentle alarm of the Snooz-Alarm clock. General Electric Co., Dept. AL, Homer Ave., Ashland, Mass

From the American Lumberman 1957