7H258  The Syncopation

Wakes you up to a pleasant music box tune.  Has a gracefully fashioned fluted oval case of antique white...makes a delightful decoration for the bedroom.  Stays on time to the minute.

syn·co·pa·tion (si[ng]-k&-'pA-sh&n)  noun
1 : a temporary displacement of the regular metrical accent in music caused typically by stressing the weak beat
2 : a syncopated rhythm, passage, or dance step

This word was big in the Fifties but is only waiting for the next American calypso music craze to come out of hiding.  The music box* alarm is the big story here of course but the case is super unique.

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Syncopation sharing a Christmas G-E appliance ad with Trim and the Royal Snooze Alarm

* In 1958 about a million songs were in the public domain.  They could have gone with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Blue Danube Waltz, Moonlight Sonata but no, Telechron felt it had to write its own song.  If you ask me, it sounds like it was written for a 1970's made-for-tv horror movie for a painful childhood flashback.  This is your last chance to not hear it.  Click HERE to be haunted for life.
Special clear case version.  Maybe you could replace the music wheel.